In my 15 years of teaching, I have received some very heartfelt cards from a few of the children I have been able to help. Below are a selection of comments from these cards:

Thank you for helping me with everything, you helped me so much & made me realise so much & get organised. You helped me get on top of my homework before it got on top of me. Thank you.


Thank you for helping throughout year 10 & most of year 11. … You have helped me so much words can’t describe how grateful I am, you helped me with homework, classwork & friendship; all of which were resolved.


I will sincerely miss our chats, and I want you to know how much I have appreciated your company, especially as I have very few friends with the same interests as me.


I’m not just saying thank you to a teacher who helped me through two years of Sixthform. I’m saying thank you … to someone who has looked after me and inspired me over 7 years. You helped me deal with what some people believe are the hardest years of a persons life. I survived the school and it may have been a lot more difficult if I hadn’t had you.


Thanks for never judging me, even when you have seen me cry, be thrilled and just be me! I am sure I will need you advice again in the future.